New Patients

We believe that your veterinarian plays a vital role in your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Your first visit to Boston Animal Hospital will establish a strong foundation for our relationship with you and your pet.

Our veterinary team will obtain important background information, conduct a thorough physical examination, and spend ample time getting to know you and your furry companion.

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Please Bring:

– Any medical and adoption/breeder records

– A list of your pet’s diet, medications, and supplements

– A list of questions or concerns

– A fresh stool sample for parasite analysis

– Your pet in a carrier or on a leash

– Payment method – we accept cash and credit cards


What to Expect:

– Information about our hospital and its various services

– Questions about your pet’s history, habits, and activities

– A thorough physical examination of your pet

– Recommendations for diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures

– Time to ask questions about your pet’s health

– Any necessary treatments that your pet many require