Dental Procedures

Our Dental Packages include a ten step “Prophy”, which includes: 

  • Pre-screening tests
    • A nose to tail physical exam, assessing the pet’s overall health
    • Lab tests to determine fitness for anesthesia (bloodwork)
  • Pre-medication
    • Your pet receives medications for pain, sedation, and nausea
  • IV and Fluid Therapy
    • An IV catheter is placed, and an infusion of fluids are started and continue throughout the procedure
  • Induction
    • IV medications are given to induce anesthesia
  • Airway protected
    • A breathing tube is placed to protect your pet’s airway and deliver oxygen and gas anesthesia throughout the procedure.
  • Monitoring
    • Your pet’s heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and body temperature are monitored constantly while your pet is under anesthesia.
  • Scale and polish
    • Using an ultrasonic scaler, each tooth is cleaned both above and below the gum line. After teeth are scaled, they are individually polished using pet safe toothpaste and a high-speed polisher. A fluoride treatment is then applied to all teeth.
  • Radiographs
    • X-rays of the pet’s upper and lower jaws are obtained so that the health of each tooth and roots can be assessed
  • Examination
    • Each tooth is examined by the doctor both above and below the gumline, and the doctor will assess if any periodontal fillers or extractions are necessary.
  • Additional work (as needed)
    • This includes tooth extractions, oral surgery, use of periodontal filler, etc.

Once the procedure is complete, your pet is then recovered under the technicians’ care until they are fully awake.  Once they are recovered and steady on their feet, they can be discharged. When you come to pick up your pet, our surgery technicians will go over aftercare instructions and any prescribed medications. Most pets recover fully within 24 hours and can resume their normal routine.